I’ve always had this peaceful, powerful knowing that Conscious Coconut would work. It’s very strange (and very cool) but I’m not really worried about the outcome. I love to learn so I’ve chosen to do it all my own, and I trust myself and the Universe completely. I know that whatever “this becomes”, I’m going to help a lot of people and have a lot of fun doing it. I believe that when your ambitions are aligned with your greater good, anything is possible. And so, even if the outcome of Conscious Coconut doesn’t necessarily look the way I think it should now, it will be far greater than I could ever imagine. Because this is how the Universe works. When you give God the reigns, but give him the pieces of the puzzle to work with, he masterfully puts them together to create some crazy, mind-boggling 3D structure rather than the flat map you thought you were putting together.

For example, last Fall I set out for Southeast Asia to put those puzzle pieces together. I found myself in Northern Thailand working with a factory that owned both coconut farms and a factory that seemed to make some good stuff. We worked together for a few weeks and it seemed quite perfect. The owner was a goofball, we both loved eating our body weight in meetings, had very short attention spans and wanted to make organic beauty products. We negotiated reasonable pricing and I was prepared to sign my life savings away.

And then, within 48 hours – everything fell apart. The same woman I had worked with for weeks starting acting strangely and having grown up with 2 sisters, a mom and grandma I brushed it off due to any number of sassy pant explanations. I called, I calmed, I clung. The deal was still on but I didn’t feel that calming, jovial energy I had felt leading up to this. I felt an anxious air and hesitation. Was it from me? From her? What was happening here? I flew around the world, found myself in these perfect circumstances and I’m feeling this way…why? Excuse me God, that’s not how this works. This isn’t making sense and I don’t like it. Didn’t I pray hard enough? I mean…just, ugh. This wasn’t supposed to work out this way.

Pouting back in my hotel, I knew it was off and I couldn’t sign. Over the following 24 hours I found out she wasn’t making her own coconut oil, she was importing it from another country and lying to me. Hmmmm. What happened there? How did I know? How did the Universe just KNOW to let things get weird? Weird.

The following day, I woke up in Bangkok which if you’re unaware is a gorgeously chaotic, lively, fun, questionable and dirty land. I adore it.

I woke up and hopped on the back of a motorcycle driving way too fast across the city to this organic farming event. I walked in with a layer of grime and dignity only partially intact (no amount of face wipes can save you) and started chatting with this kid. He started telling me all about his farm land and the goodies he and his brother were growing: lemongrass, rose, coconuts. He was supporting the community and helping a lot of people put a roof over their head. We chatted about Buddhism, yoga, travel. He had just graduated from NYC with a degree in photography and shot a commercial for Vespa. Yup, he shot a turquoise Vespa. That’s real (as if you couldn’t tell what my favorite color is). Oh, and DC? What? You lived in DC?So did I. Wait, you lived in DC in 2008? Me too.

Of course he did. Of course we both lived in DC at the same time, love turquoise Vespas, Larry David, saving the world, Coachella, and growing organic goodies. And of course we’re both in Bangkok at the exact same moment and secretly adore “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. You can see where I’m going with this. Don’t fret, this is only the beginning of the story. But Fee had the farms, I had some ideas and we both view the world similarly and are aligned with our greater good. Try not to question the Universe. Like I said, we can offer up those puzzle pieces, but what God has in store for us is way, way better than we think its going to be. And honestly, I question it all day, every day but writing this and thinking back on my journey, I remind myself that I should know better. When things fall apart it’s so something far more wonderful can come together. God is good and I’m excited to see where this goes.